Attack of the Page Snatchers

The Fayette County Public Library is closed and the families in Fayetteville are all very eager to have it reopen. Mrs. Ada is also excited for the day when the children and families are able to come back to visit. She is working hard to be sure that when they are able to come they will find organized shelves filled with amazing stories to read. Imagine her horror when one day Mrs. Ada pulls a book from the shelf and discovers that many of its pages are blank. She knows right away what this means. In library school she had been warned that unused libraries are sometimes invaded by the dreaded Page Snatchers. Page Snatchers are a species of zombie that feed off the words of popular books and stories. By absorbing the words from pages, a Page Snatcher is able to grow in power and keep anyone else from reading the book. They are also able to turn the characters absorbed into even more Page Snatchers. As soon as she saw the blank pages, Mrs. Ada dashed to her reference guide to supernatural library infestations to discover what could be done. What she found out was that there is NOTHING she can do. It is up to her readers. Can they solve four puzzles related to books and open the locks? If so, they will be able to unlock the magic portal that will send the invading Page Snatchers back to the dark realm from which they came and return the pages to the library's beloved books. So, reader it is up to you. Answer these puzzles. The fate of our library is in your hands.

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